How to polish the car headlight?
Want to polish the car headlight? It is really important to leave the lighthouse in good condition.

Headlights are an essential part of a car's safety and you need to maintain their efficiency in order to avoid potentially fatal accidents, as well as leaving the car in accordance with the law.

In this case, you can do the service both at home and in a specialized store. But, even if done by the owner himself, the execution and the result can give the lighthouse a visual characteristic close to the new one. Look here for additional insights: best car buffer

Thus, the lens becomes transparent again or the opacity is reduced enormously. It is not always possible to put aside the polishing effort and simply buy a new set of headlights, because depending on the model, it can be very, very expensive!

How to polish the car headlight?

Before you start polishing a car headlight, you need to assess the condition of the lenses. Depending on the amount of imperfections in the polyurethane lens, you will need not only more or less effort, but also products that are more or less abrasive.

In order to perform a good polishing, there are some methods, which in reality alter exactly this characteristic.

Headlight polishing products

Basically, to polish a car headlight, you need very fine sandpaper, cloths, burlap, cotton or microfiber cloth, polishing paste, water, masking tape, soap and a spray bottle.

The sandpaper must be numbered between 1000 and 2500, which are very thin and made to clean sensitive surfaces, which cannot be exposed to scratches or stains. More than one type can be used to give a greater finish.
Of the above materials, an important one is the polishing mass. Use the product that contains aluminum in its composition, as this is indicated for surfaces such as the headlights.

Where to start polishing?

Once you have the products to polish your car headlight, you must first choose a suitable place to do the job. Do not do it on very hot days or under direct sunlight.

Look for a shady and airy place, where you can have enough clarity to observe the execution of the work and its result. You will need to be willing for a good amount of repetitive service with your hands.

If you wish, you can use a rubber washer to protect your hands from the products that will be used, if necessary. Always have plenty of material not to be lacking and water available for the service during the same.

Polishing the headlight

To polish a car headlight, it is initially necessary to wash the optics assembly lenses thoroughly. To do this, use running water and soap (preferably neutral), to remove dirt, oil, dust and other substances acquired during the use of the vehicle. There is no need to make an effort there to try to clean the lenses, the work that works is what comes next.

Dry the headlights. After that, to avoid touching parts of the bodywork, which will easily scratch with sandpaper, use masking tape or electrical tape to separate the service area from the rest of the car. Then, start polishing by spraying water on the lens surface, in order to moisten it.

Slightly wet, pass the sandpaper gently and in a circular motion. Don't just pass through areas that are bad, pass across the lighthouse. As you pass, wet regularly at intervals of sandpaper strokes to prevent degradation of the plastic material in the lens.

It is a long work and the effort is not small, so repeat the process several times, always spraying water to reduce the friction of the sandpaper with the headlight material. Use finer sandpaper to finish the process. Wash the headlight thoroughly and then dry thoroughly.
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